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These days finding somewhere to save on a regular basis with the potential for a return greater than that offer by a Cash ISA or a deposit account is not easy, however as Independent Financial Advisers we have access to a range of different savings product which could achieve that goal.

At Futures Assured Limited when we are giving our advice to client about savings, we consider it vital to take into account some important factors:-

• The period you are considering investing, usually we would expect this to be a minimum term of 10 years.

• The investment risk you are prepared to take with your regular savings and the investment risk you are able to take based on your financial circumstances.

• Your tax situation, to ensure the maximum tax efficiency.

• Your goals and objectives for your savings which maybe for funding further education, that once in a lifetime holiday or just a nest egg for the future.

As independent financial advisers we are able to search the whole of the savings marketplace for the best product to suit your needs, objectives, personal circumstances and financial circumstances. Should you wish to take advantage of our service then please click contact us or alternatively ring us on 0114 2421818.