Post Retirement Planning

For many, retirement is quite daunting, particularly from a financial perspective. There is often more questions than answers, such as:-

• When do I get and how much is the State Pension?

• I have an old company pension but how do I find out about it?

• Does my existing pension company need to provide my retirement income?

• What are the tax implications?

• How much tax free cash can I take?

• What is Flexi-access drawdown and is it right for me?

• What would my spouse receive should I die?

And if this is not enough, what about the endless reams of paperwork that needs completing, which is enough for even for the ardent form-filler to go weak at the knees.

Making the wrong decisions can be very costly and could leave you stuck with them for life. With Post Retirement Planning it is vital than you seek professional advice so that you can get any questions answered and have a clear picture of the options available to you so that you can make the necessary informed decisions.

We at Futures Assured Limited are specialist in advising on post-retirement planning. We are able to offer our clients a full post retirement analysis. This would include establishing your goals and objectives in retirement, your income requirements, reviewing all your pension provisions, explaining all the options available to you, answering all your questions and most importantly advising you on the best way to achieve these goals.

Should you wish to take advantage of our service then please click contact us or alternatively ring us on 0114 2421818.

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