Occupation Pension Transfer Specialist

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Of all the areas of pension advice, the most complex, is without doubt Occupational Pension Transfers. This is why for a financial adviser to be able to advise in this area they have to have specialist qualifications and permissions issued by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Transferring from a defined benefits pension scheme can often be very tempting due to the high transfer values offered by the scheme (known as the Cash Equivalent Transfer Value), however the implications of transfer are often far and wide reaching and this is why the FCA insists that anyone wanting to consider transferring must seek professional independent financial advice.

We at Futures Assured have designed a “Triage Service” booklet which provides an unbiased guide to the advantages and disadvantages of both defined benefit pension scheme and the alternative, flexi-access drawdown plan. It also explains the risks and dangers of transferring from a DB Scheme into a Flexi-access Drawdown Pension Scheme. This will allow anybody considering transferring a defined benefit occupational scheme to decide whether they wish to proceed to advice process and the associated cost relating to getting that advice.

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