Pre Retirement Planning

It was Benjamin Franklin that once said “Failing to plan is planning to fail”

This is particularly true for retirement planning as failing to plan could potentially lead to financial hardship in retirement. Therefore the earlier you plan your retirement strategy the more likely you are to achieve your goals. This is true whether you are 20 or 55 years old so the time to start is right now!

Most people will not receive their State Pension until age 67 and this would unlikely provide sufficient income to meet their needs. The current maximum State Pension for 2018 – 2019 is just £164.35 per week.

Even if you benefit from an employer’s company pension scheme or a workplace pension, you may still find that this is not adequate to allow you to retire at the age you want or with the income that you need.

Therefore it is important to review you current pension provisions to ensure they meet the following objectives:-

• To provide sufficient income in retirement, at an age you wish to retire

• Invest with-in your attitude to risk

• You are Investing in good performing funds

• Offer competitive charging structure

We at Futures Assured Limited are specialists in pre-retirement planning and are able to offer our clients a full retirement analysis. This means establishing your desired retirement age, the income that would be needed to meet with your desired standard of living, reviewing all existing arrangements to ensure they are aiding your retirement planning and any further pension planning required to achieve these goals.

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