Critical Illness Cover

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Critical illness cover is a type of insurance which pays out a tax-free lump sum(or income) in the event that you are diagnosed with a specified critical illness or medical condition during the term of the policy.

Critical illness cover is different from life insurance as it will pay out a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a certain illness, that is named in the policy, but you do not have to have died.

Critical illness cover can be set up as a stand-alone policy or can be added as an additional option to various life policies. Whilst the exact critical illnesses covered within a plan will slightly vary between insurers, below will give an example of the likely conditions that are covered:-

• Heart Attack

• Cancer (dependent on type)

• Stroke

• Major Organ Transplant

• Coronary Artery Disease

• Heart Valve Replacement

• Blindness

• Deafness

• Alzheimer's Disease

• Motor Neurone Disease

• Parkinson's Disease

• Brain Tumour

Some insurers will cover over 60 different types of conditions, therefore it is essential to seek professional independent advice to ensure you get the right type of cover, the right insurer and competitive premiums.

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